On March 23rd the UK government locked down the nation following other countries action across the globe to control the COVID 19 Pandemic. UK Broadcasters and Production Companies operating nationally and across the World had to make rapid decisions to ensure the safety of the teams, close down productions and get crews back to the safety of their homes.  Read more >>>

Leading the Way – Gogglebox achieves Frontline Status in Lockdown.

In an incredibly brave decision, Executive Producer, Tania Alexander, from Studio Lambert tasked her team to see if it was technically possible and safe to continue filming the series through the lockdown. The solutions and procedures put in place within 24Hrs enabled the award-winning show to continue to be filmed while the UK went into hard lockdown. Channel 4 had received full government support from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport for the continuation of its work commissioning and broadcasting public service programmes such as Gogglebox. The DCMS was encouraging such productions to continue, provided the production teams adhere to all recommended government guidance regarding COVID 19.

Network Members Case Studies

Working with Sab Covid-19 protocols

Pete Gill – Sound Mixer

Inside The Factory – COVID19 Filming

Geraint Lewis – Sound Recordist

One Show – Filming in a COVID-19 world

Oliver Machin – Sound Recordist

“Financial Advice/ Support “ Q&A Andrew George – Breeze Associate

As the Industry closed and Production Companies and freelancers tried to interpret what financial support the government had on offer the SAB Network set up a Q & A Zoom conference call with an accountant firm to help its members and answer any questions.

The SAB Network Members have been proactively working together by forming specialist “Think Tanks” in the different technical roles and areas of the Industry. Scripted Content (Drama) seemed to lead the way with this with various documents being drawn up and contributed to before other areas of the Industry were looked at like PSC.

The SAB Network and its members have been hugely influential in working through these safe practices and protocols.  The members invested time and effort drawing up documents and presented them within the various Industry platforms for comment and feedback before being redrafted and presented to and incorporated in Union documents presented as practical advice to the government for the safe return of productions. It was important to The SAB Network and its members to be involved in thinking these protocols by looking at it from the practical implementation of knowing and understanding exactly what the job entailed. It was known and understood by the Network that these protocols would evolve over time as scientific research and data about COVID 19 presented itself. Our mission was to be at the forefront of working on these protocols to help advise our members and production companies to learn to operate in the evolving pandemic world.

Microbiologist Expert Q&A SAB Network talk to Experts for clarity and guidance

As part of the continued research and development from the SAB Network Members a Q & A conference call was set up with an expert Microbiologist Sean Derrig who gave valuable practical information to members specifically looking at filming and safe practice. An Expert in Microbiology and Infection control he gave a very clear look at the virus and implications suggesting safe practice and guidance clearing up some of the mixed messages in the general media.