Social Distancing” was a phrase the UK had not heard nor had any previous experience of when the call came into The Sab Network and to Sound Supervisors, Stu & Chris Bruce who are responsible with the help of the Sabsound team to facilitate the audio solution for the series. Working alongside camera facilities company Anna Valley, they delivered a technical solution to completely isolate the cast by turning homes across the country into studios but with zero contact with the crew.

The crews operated from isolated vehicles outside the homes of the contributors and social distancing protocols and procedures were put in place for the entire workflow from location through to the edit. An incredible effort from the production team enabled them to satisfy Health & Safety and Risk Assessments.

Gogglebox on many levels has helped both society and the industry deal with these very strange and unchartered times of living with a global pandemic. It’s been a place the nation has enjoyed some light relief while taking comfort in seeing families sharing the same worries and concerns as themselves.

The industry learned fast that it is possible to adapt and evolve technical solutions to continue to operate whilst also implementing and developing practical protocols to ensure the safety of the team and cast. This was a monumental effort by an incredibly talented and dedicated team working on every aspect of the Gogglebox production.