Recording Sound for TV and Film takes many different forms and Chris's versatility, adaptability and experience of dealing with all kinds of situations means that he is rarely shocked by what is thrown at him.

Whether it be trekking through jungles in Indonesia, filming charging Rhinos in 3D or in a class of 30 teenagers - each has it's own very real dangers.

Getting great sound is seldom without it's complications but Chris's calm nature means that those complications don't spill into the other arenas leaving directors to focus their efforts without distraction. A competent and enthusiastic recordist Chris enjoys his work wherever it takes him.

Aside from the time spent with his wife Liz & 3 kids and his dogs in the Gloucestershire countryside - he still try's to get on the mountain board as much as he can (with or without the kite) - Mountain biking & kayaking take up some of the other slack time - still keen on rugby albeit playing is now limited to the occasional 'vets' match.

More recently an interest in amateur photography spans the divide of home and work life and with couple of pictures published in The Radio Times, enthusiasm remains very high and is rarely seen without a camera.

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