I have been working in television since 2000 and since then have worked on a range of programmes from documentaries to reality shows to branded content. I have worked with large crews with up to 50 people, right down to working alone.

I began working as an assistant Avid editor before moving into camera work, so I have a good understanding of story telling and can get the shots necessary to make life easy in the edit.
I feel I am good at making people feel relaxed in front of the camera, whether they are seasoned presenters, or nervous first timers.
I have worked in a variety of countries and environments: from the arid heat of Syria to the monsoon rains of Malaysia to the cold tundra of Alaska and the Yukon, so I know how to look after myself and the kit in under any conditions.
I love working as a cameraman, the places you visit and the people you meet. I still love travelling, even if it does mean lugging lots of gear about and filling in carnets.
I am a British Citizen with 2 passports and an "I" visa for the USA.
I speak bad Japanese and even worse French.

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