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London based camera assistant with four years’ experience working in TV and commercials.

I have been a camera assistant on various UK and international shoots, and I’m used to handling challenging scenarios in different countries and climates. During my time as a studio technician at 16oz I have often taken on the role of DIT, gimbal tech, edit assistant and focus puller.

Thanks to this experience, I have a wider scope of understanding of the filmmaking process; from moving the camera on a track and dolly jib, too exporting and delivering the finished film to the client.

I have specialised in fitting cinema-grade cameras and lenses with wireless follow focus, wireless video transmission and then fixed these on to gimbals. I am able to push the technology to its limits. I have taken the gimbals with these camera packages on numerous international shoots.

I have been focus pulling for a few years now with experience of using Master primes, Ultra primes, Signature primes, Angenieux, Cooke Panchro/I Classic, Sigma Cine and many re-housed lenses.

I also have a DIT kit (complete with ups power) that kits into a small Peli case for quick back ups on location.

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Full Clean UK driving license with own vehicle, 2 UK passports and one with USA iVisa,

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