Danny's interest in sound grew from his passion as a Musician, performing all over Spain and recording in the studios as frontman for his successfully signed band,"Sesamo".

In 1993 he followed up his interest in Sound and Music, this time backstage by touring with Spain's biggest bands as the P.A. Engineer. His ability as a technician continued while he adapted his experience to work in the demanding audio environment of Theatre. He is still recognised within Andulucia as one of the top Engineers for Flamenco and Tango.

The live experience of both Music and Theatre and the controlled attention to detail of Studio Recording set him in a great position as he turned his hand to location recording for Film and Television. For the last 23 Years he has been working as a freelance Sound Recordist and had the good fortune to shoot a large variety of productions, from Documentaries to Drama, Commercials and Pop Promos, taking him all over the world experiencing all kinds of environments for a diverse range of productions.

He is a dedicated professional with lots of experience and enthusiasm and can quickly adapt to all kinds of situations while remaining relaxed, positive member of any team. You will find him easy to get on with and always happy to help so if you have any enquiries for your project, feel free to drop him a line.

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