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United Kingdom

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James Stittle is a (hands on) DOP/Lighting camera operator who has more than ten years of experience in film, television, music videos and branded content working across all formats.

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Beginning his career working as a location scout for films, TV dramas, and commercials, he soon realised his passion lay with cameras. Specialising initially in documentaries due to his fondness for the medium, James has shot all over the world on projects for TV and online. James often chooses to work on films that revolve around social or human issues; topics that are close to his heart and fuel for his love of documentary filmmaking.

James has a great eye for a shot and will go to great lengths to make it happen. He's highly adaptable and loves coming up with creative solutions to shooting problems. He is used to working in many varied and challenging conditions, from being more than a mile underground in various mines around the world; war-torn Syria and South Sudan; to the middle of a desert or on top of many mountains. He is always ready to go and always first to breakfast.

In the last few years, James has been able to focus more on music videos and narrative work, allowing him to shoot with more style and freedom. Pulling on his strong influences from cult cinema in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as his lifelong passion for music in all forms.

He's looking forward to shooting more with analogue formats having recently shot a few projects combining 8mm with digital. He is currently prepping for a couple of 16mm projects he is shooting this year.

James has also worked with many major brands, corporations, and charities producing, filming, and directing content including for Adidas, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Glencore and HSBC.

Outside of filming, James can normally be found eating or cooking something unusual, or on a long walk with his wife and their dog, with regular pauses on route to cultivate his passion for landscape and street photography.

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