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Experienced director with strong record creating factual entertainment and observational documentaries, includes creating visual style, structure and tone for several First Series and Singles.Experienced on location directing large teams, multi-cameras, and drone, but also highly skilled embedded as sole shooter/director on more intimate documentaries with sensitive content and in a multitude of environments

Background in photography and psychology, multi-lingual, and extremely adaptable having lived in remote parts of Indonesia and France, as a child and later as a teacher of English, cultural immersion was key in both.
Trained within the TV industry for more than 15 years, directing and self-shooting documentaries and content for more than 6 years.
Versatile and highly skilled camera op, able to rig cameras and light, and shoot visuals and sound in a variety of locations.
Experienced directing high profile celebrities, insular communities, vulnerable contributors, and sensitive content. Always building trusting relationships and relaxed atmospheres on location.

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