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United Kingdom

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London based Focus Puller with versatile and in-depth knowledge across Commercials, Television, Sport & Documentary formats.

I’m a friendly, outgoing, and experienced 1st AC who enjoys a challenge and thrives in the fast paced industry we work in.

Having started my career in Film & TV at a large London based facilities house, I have a strong kit based knowledge. Once freelance I continued to develop my skills and have worked all around the world, from Commercials in Copenhagen to Documentaries in India. I pride myself on not only being a good Assistant technically, but understanding what is needed to make each shot and set up the best it can be; aiding the Director of Photography or Camera Operator.

I’m experienced in using all manner of equipment and rigs, from Movi Pros and Ronin 2s to Steadicam, cranes and dolly's.

I’m always up for a new challenge and in between Camera Assisting work, I like to plan and shoot my own projects. I feel comfortable with a camera on my shoulder and want to operate more.

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