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With over twenty years shooting both broadcast and corporate productions, I am collaborative, calm and always creative.

Over my extensive career, I have shot award winning documentaries of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and a host of international broadcasters on subjects ranging from cycling to racism and everything in between. In addition to documentaries, I have shot factual, LE and drama/narrative material as well as commercials. I am comfortable working with all types of contributors from professional actors and presenters to individuals willing to share personal and sometimes sensitive narratives.                                   

My technical knowledge - which includes a detailed understanding of post-production - means I am always keen to experiment with the latest technology and use it to find new ways to tell stories.  I have experience with all the main digital cinema cameras and enjoy the challenge of lighting whether that is in the context of small scale interviews or large studio sets.

I choose to take a flexible attitude towards projects and have a wide corporate client base ranging from small start-ups to large multi-nationals. My background in news means that I am also an accomplished editor and also have experience directing.

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