Director Of Photography, Lighting Cameraman, Camera Operator, Self Directing Cameraman, OB Cameraman

United Kingdom. Bristol, London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow.

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I’m a Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP with over 20 years of experience filming a wide range of award winning programmes for the BBC, C4, C5, Sky, Discovery and many Indie, Commercial and Corporate production companies.I am easy and fun to work with, working well within a team, as multi camera or on my own as a single unit. I have gained a reputation for being creative, instinctively getting those extra shots and reliable with an eye for producing quality images and sequences whatever the location or situation.I have had the pleasure to work on a diverse range of programmes, with amazing people creating content that has been seen around the world. From Documentaries, Natural History, OB’s, Entertainment, Sport, Live Broadcast, Pop Promos, Drama, Commercials, Factual, Magazine and Corporate programmes, I’m at home on location, in the studio with actors or presenters and the general public.

I am Mike Caine, a freelance Lighting Cameraman/DOP.

Mob: 07831-387009
Email me: [email protected]
My website:

I am easy and fun to work with, and work well within a team. I have gained a reputation for being creative, instinctively getting those extra shots, reliable with and an eye for producing quality images and sequences.

Country File, Antiques Road Show, Top Gear, Eat Well for Less, Gardener's World, Blue Peter, Walking with Cavemen, Sport, Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, Match of the Day, Sky Sport, BBC Sport, Great North Run, BT Sport, Apprentice, Crime Watch, Chelsea Flower Show, Horizon, So You Think You Can Dance, London Marathon, Flog It, Dragon's Den, DIYSOS, Dispatches, The Choir, Bargain Hunt, X Factor, 999 Awards, Whipsnade Wild Animal Park , London Zoo, Nicks Quest, Military Awards, The One Show, Gadget Show, Gadget Man, 5th Gear, Songs of Praise, Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares, Homes from Hell, £100k House, The Queen's Guard, Splash, Mission to Mars, Restoration, Wheeler Dealers, Adopt a Wild Animal, Equinox and many Commercials and Corporate films for BMW, Boots the Chemists, British Aerospace, Bentley, Cadbury's, Rolls Royce, Ford, 3M, Nissan, SCS Furniture, Barker and Stone House, Formula E, The Armed Forces, Sony, McLaren F1 and much, much more.

Mike has:

• Paid the Prime Minister a visit at No 10.

• Avoided the odd cow pat and got down and dirty on Countryfile.

• Filmed Leather Back Turtles, Bears, Vampire Bats.

• Looked into the future with the Gadget Show.

• Filmed Commercials, Dramas, Pop Promos and Documentaries.

• Been in factories shooting everything from oil platforms to boiled sweets.

• Sewn, weeded, pruned and took cuttings on Gardener’s World.

• Been caving in the interests of bottled water for Equinox.

• Worked with actors, presenters and the public at large.

• Filmed the set building, rehearsals, launches of cars, computers and aircraft.

• Trod the deep pile carpets of many executive’s office.

• Rubbed shoulders with Royalty.

• Filled rooms with smoke for that atmospheric feel.

• Looked at the pros and cons of genetic engineering for Dispatches.

• Rocked on stage with the odd band or two.

• Created sunlight streaming through windows, an intimate candlelit dinner, lighting is no problem.

• Been chased down alley ways by harden villains, glided from room to shooting with Steadicam.

• Travelled to Japan, USA, Europe for Top Gear, 5th Gear and numerous car manufactures.

• Self Directing Cameraman, when programmes require to be self shot I am able to fill this role.

I love the variety of programmes I film: Documentaries, Game Shows, Live Broadcast, Natural History, Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Sport, Drama, Factual to Commercials. I am happy on location, in the studio with actors, presenters and the public at large. Single and Multi Camera.

I have travelled throughout the UK, Europe and many other parts of the World: USA, Costa Rica, Australia, Korea, Caribbean, South Africa, Iceland and Japan to mention a few. Filming holiday programmes, wild life in Costa Rica, Walking with Cavemen in Africa to fast cars on Bonneville Salt Flats.

Lighting is important, whether it’s a simple interview situation that still requires quality lighting. A drama set, either in the studio or on location, where you can create different atmospheres with your lighting: a candle lit dinner, sunlight streaming through windows or a moonlit night scene with an air of mystery. Still life advertising shots of food, drink and anything else you can think of, or a car that requires its graceful lines to be shown and not destroyed.

If you want hand held shots; I can promise you mine are second to none. Steadicam is exciting and rewarding to operate. If offers the production a creativity, quality and movement to the shots which is otherwise impossible.Being chased by a bunch of thugs down an alley, craning down from 30ft then stepping off, going up and down stairs, gliding from room to room opening the scene with actors.

I have filmed from helicopters and aircraft to get dramatic aerial shots. From 15,000 feet to 12 feet filming from RAF Hercules aircraft, Chinook helicopters to light aircraft over the Caribbean and helicopters over the UK. I have used Tyler mounts, remote heads and stood on the skids with my camera on my shoulder. Frightening? Yes, but brilliant fun.

IAN MARSH – DIRECTOR/EDITOR “Mike is my first choice as a cameraman. His lighting and composition are excellent and, as an operator, he has an uncanny habit of always finding the right part of the action, with the right framing, and holding it for the right amount of time. With his qualities as a hand held cameraman his proficiency as a Steadicam operator is no surprise!”

DAVID LEIGHTON – DIRECTOR, BBC “From Hollywood to Hiroshima to err... Handsworth, I’ve worked with Mike on a wide range of programmes and greatly admire his creative talents as well as his sheer hard work:”

JONATHAN BOOTH – PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR “Mike is one of the best cameramen I’ve ever hired. I’ve used him for numerous film shoots over the last 15 years, and he has never delivered less than superb images. His work ethic is impressive, particularly in obtaining shots before you ask for them - he has an instinctive eye. He’s also great fun to work with, which helps! Always the consummate professional lens man. Can’t recommend him highly enough:”

CLIVE DUNN – DIRECTOR/ WRITER/PRODUCER “From a director’s viewpoint, Mike is a rare breed; one of those cameraman with whom you are immediately in tune. His superb creativity and reliability to deliver the shots is second to none. Mike’s dedicated professionalism to keep going, after several hours of faultless hand-held shooting, is quite remarkable.

STEVE SALEM – PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR, FUTURE FILMS “I have worked with Mike for many years. He is great to work with, very experienced and his lighting is first class. You can always rely on Mike to do a thorough job, with the utmost professionalism.”

I have an extensive range of equipment and I am familiar with the latest camera formats.

I normally get booked me with my kit. If you have your own kit, booking your kit through a facility company or are a facility company that needs a cameraman, I am happy to be booked for labour only.

Self Directing Cameraman.
When your programme requires to be filmed by a self shooting director, to help cover your crewing requirements, I am able to offer my services as a Self Directing Cameraman.

I have been offering this service for a number of years, as more and more programmes have been using self shooting directors to shoot their films and programmes. I have worked successfully for many years as a DoP/Cameraman and self directing cameraman, across a wide range of TV, Commercial and Corporate programmes.

I work closely with producers and editors, always ensuring scenes are creatively covered and getting those extra shots needed for the edit. I have years of experience shooting and directing and working closely with the public, contributors and presenters. I am calm and friendly, gaining trust quickly; getting the best out of contributors and presenters alike.

Please have a look at my website where you can view Show Reels, Programmes Clips, Equipment, References and my CV.

Thank you for your time, please call, text or email me if you need any more information or would like to talk about your next production, I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

All the best.


Mike Caine
Lighting Cameraman/DOP/OB Cameraman/Self Directing Cameraman.
Mob: 07831-387009
Email me: [email protected]
My website:

Landscape Photography.
e-mail: [email protected]

Back to my roots and on the photographic front, I am building an exciting new online photographic library for use by graphic designers and publishers who require landscape photography of the highest quality at a realistic price which can be down loaded immediately.

When I’m not out filming, I love nothing more than being out in the open air, where I can wait for hours for the magical light to shine through to capture that perfect moment in time. To me you can’t beat the natural beauty across the United Kingdom. We are so lucky to live on this beautiful Island and I want to capture its best bits, so from North to South and from East to West you may just spot me sitting on a hill side or a beach waiting for that magical moment.

The library is constantly growing and evolving, if you have suggestions of landscape photography required for your forth coming publications, please let me know. Commissions welcomed.

Canvas and framed prints available for the office and home.

Log onto my stock landscapes website to view landscape photographs available for publication.

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