Nadine works as a freelance location sound recordist and production sound mixer and has been fortunate enough to work in many countries around the world. Currently she works as a production sound mixer on TV dramas. Recent dramas have been FX Production's Trust and Netflix's TopBoy.

Nadine enjoys the challenge of difficult environments and making everything work there. Whether it be the mountains of Mongolia, the plains of Thailand, working within a community in Africa or travelling Europe in search of art, each bespoke situation has the same amount of planning and attention to detail as the last which brings satisfaction and an amazing experience.
She started in sound after an interest in world music and got a music degree at SOAS. From early on she recorded music for bands or orchestras, and this moved her into production sound. Sound is very technology based and she has worked her way up by being adaptable and knowing as much as possible about the technology. Nowadays as technology in sound and other departments changes there are more challenges to get good sound but that makes it all the more interesting.

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