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I love to lend my brain, ears, or both, to projects that involve lovely people and challenging work. Whether we’re live on telly, hunkered down in the rain making art, or sitting in a planning meeting months in advance, I like to think I’m good company, good fun, and good at my work.

I work extensively in large-format fixed-rig system engineering as well as OB and music touring as a
guarantee engineer where it is my responsibility to keep everything ‘audio’ working perfectly.

This means that I have a calm and pragmatic approach to even the most stressful ‘oh bugger
everything’s broken’ situations and a rational and logical problem-solving process.

As well as the nerdy engineering I do, I also work as a Sound Supervisor and Sound Mixer, and
trained as a music mixer on the Tonmeister course. This has stood me in good stead for working
across dubbing, music touring, music post production (for live events) and – crucially – live TV
mixing; with a keen ear for mix yet a very strong engineering background.

If I’m not working in telly land, I can be found touring as an engineer, MD, keys player or drummer
for artists on UK, EU or World tours. And I co-founded a business in TV called “RIMMS” that
specifically makes software for digital release forms, and is now the most lauded digital releasing
platform in the UK.

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