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Steve is an experienced, diligent and conscientious sound recordist.

Steve started in a west London facility company where he learned the importance of understanding everyone’s role in a production and working together as part of a collaborative team.

Now freelance for over 10 years, Steve has worked on countless productions from small documentary crews to large scale multi-crew entertainment formats such as The X Factor & Britain’s Got Talent.

TV entertainment, reality shows, commercials, corporates, news, live theatre productions, hidden camera, drama’s and movies (even one being streamed live to cinema’s in the U.S. whilst it was shot in one continuous take in London!), He has covered all of these in various capacities from sound recordist, mixer, technician and sound supervisor.

Steve has worked all over the UK and extensively around the USA, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.
Productions include: The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Only Way Is Essex

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