A Royal Television Award winning Sound Recordist. He is a well-travelled, confident, positive and relaxed, member of any crew with experience with all kinds of productions all over the world.


He is fast to adapt to changing environments, has the technical ability and versatility to work on many levels. He reads situations well, and can help create the atmosphere and relationships required for the contributors or clients to relax.

He is comfortable with challenges, mentally and physically and can be used as a pro-active member of the team on the road, whether it is Sound Supervising a multi-camera entertainment shoot, recording surround sound in a jungle or working on small crew mobile documentary. His skill base and experience is diverse and an asset to any production.

He has travelled the world extensively both professionally and personally following his passions setting up and running a 4 x 4 Kitesurf Safari Business and Resort in Morocco, Qualified Kitesurf Instructor teaching around the world, enjoyed Paddleboarding, Skateboarding and Motorbikes and most recently following his passion for Skydiving.

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