Alan Tony Frances | Production Sound Mixer, PSC Sound Recordist, PSC Sound Supervisor, OB Sound Assistant, OB Sound Engineer, Sound

Location   London & South West

Sound Recordist and Production Sound Mixer

Company Name   ATF Sound Ltd


If you need a versatile and experienced sound supervisor / recordist / mixer then you've come to the right place!A friendly and professional Production Sound Mixer, PSC and ENG sound crew for various broadcast, commercial and corporate Film / Video shoots within the UK and overseas.Tony has extensive filming experience on location and within studios along with a vast knowledge of all things audio including multi track audio recording and multi camera scenarios.Tony is also a well travelled and v...

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Selection for the Special Forces is a test unlike any other. Celebrities from all genres take on -- and try to survive -- demanding training exercises led by directing staff agents, an elite team of ex-Special Forces ope...

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