Chris Bates | Specialist Drone Pilot, Camera Operator, Drone

Location   Bristol

BAFTA-winning drone specialist, flying since 2013

Company Name   Skyhook Media Ltd


I am a BAFTA-winning drone operator, and I've been in the drone filming game since 2013, making me a bit of an old hand in this young industry. I thrive on the challenges of working in difficult locations that require technical flying and slick camerawork. My work has taken me to all corners of the UK, and from the jungles of Panama to the frozen lakes of Lapland, the mountains of Switzerland and volcanoes of Lanzarote.After 5 years working in the camera department on commercials and features, I...

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Guild of Television Cameramen - GTC

Award of Excellence

'The Great Mountain Sheep Gather' - BAFTA

Photography: Factual


Services and Equipment

2x DJI Inspire 2 kits

2x DJI Inspire 2 kits

FPV Drone Equipment

FPV Drone Equipment