Geraint Warrington's Promos credits

Hoover H300 Upright Vacuum. TV commercial. Milsen Smith and Agent 42

Hoover H - Free 500 cordless vacuum. TV commercial. Milsen Smith and Agent 42 

Hoover Collection 3, Kitchen range. TV commercial. Milsen Smith and Agent 42

Vodafone Connected Living. Online commercial, Sassy Films. 

Thermo Fisher- Product launch campaign

Waitrose Organic Farming Campaign. Stepping Stone Media for Waitrose

The Chef’s Chef and Marriott Navigators Table. Stepping Stone Media.

Lendlease Olympic Park Campaign - Mother Agency

Found Wanting, Good Problem One Another Films Promos for First Congress. 

Director: Tom Van Can

Golden Delicious, Never the Time. Short Films Director: Tom Tyrwhitt

ITV Promos. ITV studios

Barclays Life Skills. ITN Productions