My passion for cinematography and film making is in my blood, ingrained in me since childhood. From Super 8 film, 16mm film to 35mm film. Completing an MA in cinematography at the Polish National Film School. The transition from film to digital was simple for me with so much more latitude to work with and monitors to see my work ‘live’ instead of waiting for rushes to come back from the lab. I have shot many award winning productions throughout my career going back as far as when I was in my...

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Shooting documentaries is a nice change to more pre-production heavy shoots such as commercials and dramas.This feature length documentary about the Thalidomide tragedy was one of the most poignant and heart breaking exp...

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2014 Sheffield international Documentary Festival - ‘Attacking the Devil’

Winner, Special Jury Award

2015 London Independent film festival - ‘Unhallowed Ground’

Best Horror Feature Film

2018 BAFTA Scotland Feature Films Awards - ‘White Chamber’

Best Actress in a Feature Film

2012 Raindance Film Festival - ‘Black Smoke Rising’

Official Selection


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