Nick Walker's Documentary credits

Lenny Henry celebrates British-Caribbean life with stories from a host of famous faces. How pioneers laid the foundations for an explosion of culture and inspired a new generation....

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Amazon Prime | Philip Smith & Rachel Ramsay | This is Football : Chance

In Football, the Underdog Always Has its Day. Chance is the giant truth, hiding in plain sight, on which all football games turn. The rarity of goals and the thousand and one ways they can be scored, explain why no other...

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Channel 4 | Erica Gornall | My Grandparents War: Keira Knightley


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Amazon Prime | Gareth Maxwell Roberts & Lucy Selwood | Oil in the Blood


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Channel 4 | Rik Hall & David Howard | The Real Serpent: Investigating a serial killer

Former detectives re-open the file on suspected serial killer Charles Sobhraj, aka 'The Serpent', who agrees to be interrogated about several murders from the 1970s. Part of True Crime on Channel 4....

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My Grandparents War: Keira Knightley, produced by Wonderhood Studios for Channel 4, directed by Erica Gornall.

Grand Designs, Long running property show fronted by the fabulous Kevin McCloud, produced by Naked for Channel 4 (various directors).

Gogglebox 15, award winning fixed rig show produced by Studio Lambert for Channel 4 (various directors).

This Is Football, Chance, one of a 6 part documentary series produced by Rachel Ramsay at October Films and directed by Philip Smith, series director James Erskine.

Oil in the Blood, feature length documentary about the modern custom motorcycle scene, produced by Lucy Selwood at Moli Films and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts.

Club Rep Wars, seaside reality show shot on location in Xante, produced by Studio Lambert for E4.

Mygrations, survival show with 20 contributors following the path of the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, an October Films production for Nat Geo. Produced by Ian Dray and Doug McCallie.

Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar, 4 part series for History Channel, produced by Ian Dray and Sam Brown and directed by Tom Cross and Joe Keenan.

Tattoo Fixers, pilot and second series, produced by Studio Lambert for Channel 4 and directed by Oli Tridgell.

Survive The Tribe, 4 of a 6 part survival series shot in some of the most remote tribal communities in the world. Produced by Icon Films for Nat Geo, directed by George Pagliero, Adrian MacFarlane, Stephen Shearman and Alex Parkinson.

Border Rico, 6 part observational documentary filming with the US Customs & Border Protection in Peurto Rico, produced by Arrow Media for the Travel Channel and directed by Eion O’shea.

Goldrush, Reality show filmed in the Yukon in Canada, produced by Raw TV for Discovery Channel. Piles of dirt, piles of diggers and with up to 10 radiomic channels to mix on the fly a truly challenging job for sound!

Horizon, 4 episodes, Seeing Stars, directed by Ben Lawrie; Out of Control?, directed by Ben Lawrie; Fracking: The New Energy Rush, directed by Jeff Wilkinson; The Truth About Meteors, directed by Olly Bootle

The Imposter, Multi award winning feature length documentary about the extraordinary life of Frederic Bourdin, produced by Raw TV and directed by Bart Layton.