In Football, the Underdog Always Has its Day. Chance is the giant truth, hiding in plain sight, on which all football games turn. The rarity of goals and the thousand and one ways they can be scored, explain why no other team sport delivers more unexpected, wonderful or unfair results more often. It's one of the key reasons billions love the game. This film explores 'chance' in football, through Germany and some of the greatest games of chance in history. Interweaving the stories of the minnows of Frankfurt winning their first cup for 30 years, how Bayern Munich changed the face of German football, moving from amateur leagues to a multimillion-dollar world- dominating club, and the story of Chelsea beating Bayern in the 2012 Champions League - statistically a game the German champions should never have lost. 'Chance' delves into the 'Sliding Doors' moments of football, told through the eyes of fans, referees and a glittering cast of players at the heart of these games. Do the football gods smile more favourably on some rather than others? Or, to be great, do you make your own luck?


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