Paul Miller | Sound, PSC Sound Recordist, Production Sound Mixer

Location   Bournemouth, Peterborough, London, UK, Worldwide

PSC Sound Recordist, Production Sound Mixer

Company Name   Miller Mixing Limited


Working globally over the last two decades I’ve recorded many voices and loved the adventure of it all. From discovering the sounds of the jungle, deserts and mountains to recording someone in a hotel room in Clacton upon sea. I’m always conscientious about capturing the best possible audio I can. Whether that be for a single microphone setup or multi mic/ multi cam rig. I deeply care about the results, endeavouring to work collaboratively with my clients. I’ve worked in Commercials, Drama...

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Including an Interview with Sir Paul McCartney directed by Ron Howard, this feature length documentary released in 2016 reveals the Beatles early days of live performances and the cultural and technological climate they ...

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