Pete Gill's Documentary credits

Attenborough and the Mammoth GraveyardSir David Attenborough joins Ben Garrod and a team of investigators at a mammoth graveyard near Swindon, to explore whether Neanderthals might have killed the ice age beasts....

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National Geographic | Little Monster | The Rescue

THE RESCUE chronicles the enthralling, against-all-odds story that transfixed the world in 2018: the daring rescue of twelve boys and their coach from deep inside a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. The film, which prem...

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BBC 4 | Windfall Films | Great Mountain Sheep Gather | Johnny Shipley

Every summer, the sheep on Scafell Pike are gathered down to the farm for shearing. On this epic journey, a shepherd reflects on life while caring for his flock in this rugged landscape.My responsibility within this crew...

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"The Rescue" - Little Monster Films - National Geographic

Academy Award®-winning directors and producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin bring alive one of the most extraordinary rescues of modern times

"Attenborough And The Mammoth Graveyard" - Windfall Films - Channel One

Sir David Attenborough joins Ben Garrod and a team of investigators at a mammoth graveyard near Swindon, to explore whether Neanderthals might have killed the ice age beasts.

"The Great Mountain Sheep Gather" - Windfall Films - BBC4

This Bafta winning documentary follows the shepherds of England's tallest mountain as they bring their notoriously hardy sheep down for sheering.

"Stonehenge Land Of The Dead" - Wild Blue Media - Discovery Channel

With the use of ground penetrating radar, a previously unknown subterranean ring is uncovered around Stonehenge. These new findings not only change our understanding of the entire Stonehenge landscape, but the Neolithic people who created it.

"The Shift" - Efranfilms - NBC Universal

Set in the world of Formula 1, this docu-series shows how seven high-growth organizations took on digital transformation during heavy market headwinds — and made it through.

Travel Fan In Japan - Rugby World Cup 2019 - Havas Media - ITV - O2 Digital

In this 6-part series, players and fans are brought together through the bridging of cultures visiting host cities and exploring the parallels between samurai Bushido values and the guiding principles of rugby.

"Royal Autopsy Lab" - Phoenix Television - SKY History

Based on the available evidence, Professor Alice Roberts and Dr Brett Lockyer deliver their findings to reveal what they believe really did kill King Charles II and Queen Elizabeth I

"The Yorkshire Vet" - Daisybeck Studios - Channel 5

An ongoing documentary series that showcases the lives of the Skeldale Veterinary Centre in Thirsk, the former practice of James Herriot.

"Inside The Factory" - Voltage TV - BBC 2

Explores the world's largest factories to learn how everyday items, including pantry staples and specialty items, are mass-produced by high-tech machines and skilled workers.

"We Are England" - BBC 1

Award-winning regional current affairs documentary programme. For the most technically intensive shoots with vulnerable groups, Pete Gill is called in by the producers of 'We Are England' because of his reputation as a calming influence in helping contributors feel safe and at ease.

"Britain's Classroom Heroes" - BBC 2

Celebrating exceptional and inspirational teachers from all over the UK.

"Art Fund" - Vice

A series of explorations into how young adults access and experience fine art.

"The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments" - BBC ONE

Social media and reality TV has fuelled a huge interest in people wanting to tweak their appearance without going under the knife. Michael Mosley takes a closer look behind the mask of the cosmetic surgery industry

"The Murder Of Lynette White" - ITN - Channel 5

True-crime documentary that looks at the horrific murder of Lynette White in 1988 and the subsequent major miscarriage of justice.

"Doctor In The House" - BBC ONE

In each episode a family invites a GP into their home to investigate every aspect of their lives. They're worried about their health, and they're hoping he can solve their problems.

"How To Build A Human" Channel 4

Documentary exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Gemma Chan, who plays android Mia in sci-fi drama Humans, meets experts in robotics and computer programming from around the world, and visits a project attempting to create a computer more powerful than the human brain. Gemma participates in an experiment to create a robotic version of herself, which is then tested for its ability to produce convincing human responses.