Pete Gill's Post Production (Audio) credits

"Time And Tide" - Moving Pictures Theatre

The long standing relationship between Pete Gill and MPT has seen the realisation of several filmed theatrical productions from Brighton playwright Lucy Nordburg. Pete has been involved in these productions from the ground up as sound designer/sound recordist and sound mixer. 'Time And Tide' is a three-part culmination of the most recent of these works that has won many awards including Best International Short Film at the Idyllwild festival and the official selection at the London Independent Film Festival.

"QPUK" - 21 Million

Post-production sound mixer for this cinematic production - suspense thriller.

"Raising Children Network"

The Raising Children DVD contains five hours of content — divided into three short movies, Newborn, Baby and Child and a section called ‘What About Me?’

Its effectiveness, according to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) independent evaluation, is due to a combination of factors including: the quality of production, the primary use of documentary style parent interviews, a comedic host and the inclusion of visual demonstrations of key skills, like breastfeeding and safe bathing.

"Highways Agency"

Public information videos for UK Smart Motorways.