Stu Bruce's Documentary credits

Adventure / Expedition DocumentaryMonty Halls & Leo Holding lead the way to discover unchartered territory in this natural history adventure documentary crossing jungles, mountains, climbing waterfalls and exploring ...

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The Weather Channel | Electric Sky | "Lava Men"

Feature DocumentaryThe Documentary shot in 3D examines the Volcanoes of Hawaii and its affects on its social environment following Volcanologists, Geologists and many people from all walks of life who’s lives are affec...

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SKY | Electric Sky | "The Secret Life Of The Rain Forests"

Adventure DocumentaryThis documentary was centred around the important work undertaken by the Smithsonian Institute Scientists focused on understanding the complex tropical rainforests that cover only 6% of the worlds su...

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BBC2 | BBC | "Fighting The War" - RTS Best Sound Winner

Observational DocumentaryAn incredible all access observational documentary covering the Iraq war as it unfolded with 8 embedded crews from the frontline to the under-ground command centre. Stuart Bruce was the sound mix...

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A documentary series following the High Rope access team cleaning and maintaining the contracts from Sky Scrapers to the viewing platform over the Grand Canyon...

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“The Secret Life of the Rain Forests” Electric Sky / Sky3D / Smiithsonian

The secret life of the Rainforest gives an exclusive experimental look into the heart of the Panamanian jungle. Shot in 3D and recorded in surround sound we follow scientists from the Smithsonian tropical Research Institute on their quest into the heart of the rainforest as they search for the rare and endangered species that live in this unique environment.

“SKYCREWS” – Electric Sky / Sky 3D

A documentary series following the High Rope access team cleaning and maintaining the contracts from Skyscrapers to the viewing platform over the Grand Canyon.

“Lava Men” – Electric sky / Weather Channel USA / Discovery Europe 3D

The Documentary shot in 3D examines the Volcanoes of Hawaii and its effects on its social environment following Volcanologists, Geologists, and many people from all walks of life whose lives are affected on a daily basis from one of the world’s most active Volcanoes.

“Death Valley” (16mm, Death Valley Endurance Race)

Independently shot following a runner from Darlington (Primus) run 150 miles from –282ft below sea level in Badwater to 15,000 ft of Mt Whitney against 60 mph Tropical Winds before turning round and running back in the toughest race on earth.

“TABOO” – national geographic

The documentary follows one of the world’s most prolific sperm donors with over hundred known children with a varied amount of contact as he helps people conceive and give people the chance of parenting.


Lily Cole talks to leading Artists including Christo, Anthony Gormley, Tacita Dean, Gabriel Orozoco, Marc Quin and Fiona Banner.

“Rip OFF BRITAIN” – Series 4 BBC1

A consumer Advice programme presented by Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Sommerville.

“The Future state of Welfare” – Matchlight / BBC 2 Dir Iain Scollay

John Humphries examines the welfare state in crisis travelling the length and breadth of the country talking to those with most to lose after David Cameron announced in Feb 2011 a welfare reform bill described as the most fundamental, ambitious and radical since the benefit system began.

“The Uprising” – PBS Frontline USA / Rain Media

Following the revolutionary movements in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, The film examines Syria as it continues to deal with an ongoing internal conflict with more than 3000 protestors killed, many more injured, and thousands detained whilst demanding the ruler of the Baath Party, Bashar al-Assad to step down

“Whistle Blowers” – PBS frontline USA/ Zimmer Inc Productions. Dir Steve York.

Rudolf Elmer decided to take on the power of the banking world by disclosing the tax evasion and corruption and illegal activities connected with offshore banking. By exposing information using Wikki Leaks he finds himself in a David and Goliath battle against the immense power of Julias Baer bank and the Swiss Governemt that sees him, and his family persecuted and still held in custody in a Swiss Prison.

“International Corruption” PBS Frontline USA - Cam Bay Productions - Dir. Orianna Zill

Investigative journalist Lowell Bergman examines international bribery and corruption using allegations and court cases from BAE Systems and Siemens Corporations.

“Diamond Geezers” - (ITV Real Crime - Tern Television - Dir. Tom Whitter)

Presented by Mark Austin, Diamond Geezers tells the full and thrilling story of the robbery that went wrong and the Police operation of the Century. From the crime´s conception and execution to the notorious trial and appeal, it’s a gripping account of a remarkable....real crime.

“You Can´t Build That” Discovery Channel USA - Powder House Productions

Is it possible to build a Dome over the city of Houston? To make an intelligent computerised transport system for an entire US City. Case Studies from around the World looking at building structures and systems of imagination and theory based on existing technology.

“There's Only One Kevin Keegan” - Chrysalis/Channel Four - Dir: Jes Wilkins

1 of 3-part series about the true stories of British footballers’ greatest legends and the secrets behind their success.

“George Best’s Body” (Double Band Films/C4), Dir. - Dermot Levery)

A documentary about the gift of talent and the burden of fame.

“Secrets” BBC 1 Hour Special - Dir. Chris Terrill

David Shayler, a former MI5 agent takes on the government as he is prosecuted for breaking the official secrets act.

“Senses” BBC Science / Contributed to series, August 2003 – Dir. Jeremy Turner

A series about the senses, Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch

“Discovery Wings” – Gemini Pictures - 6 Part Series / Discovery - Dir. Peter Chapman

John Nichols Tornado Pilot shot down in Operation Desert Storm and held captive in Iraq looks at Modern aviation, classic planes and various air shows.

“Size Matters” – RDF Television - ITV “Real life” Dir David Wise, Zac Beatie

The height of a person, does that matter? We see how it effects people’s lives.




“Tu Tu’s Children” – Aljazeera English

The documentary follows some of the brightest and most powerful young leaders of Africa as they go through Desmond Tu Tu’s Leadership Scholarship programme.

“Primate Planet” – Monkey World / National Geographic dir louise mcCannce-Price

Following Dr Alison Cronin from Monkey World we observe the difficulty of returning Wild Gibbons back to the Vietnam jungle and dealing with the entrenched problem of trading in endangered species.

“Fighting The War” (BBC2 Dir. Paul Dwyer & Nick Grant) RTS Craft & Design Award - Best Sound

Iraq war covered from the Lance Corporal on the ground to the Secretary of State. 1 of 8 crews following the conflict with from all angles with incredible access offered from the MOD.

“Scottish Parliament” (BBC Scotland - Wark Clements Dir. Stuart Greg

An ongoing project looking at the planning, designing and building of the new Scottish parliament, An inside view, politically, socially and financially.


Shot on 16mm , A Documentary of a night out in Doncastor looking at the lives and people of this colorful Northern Town.

“Julian Macdonald” – (Channel 4) - 16mm 

A young fashion designer working as Givenchy’s leading designer as he prepares for a yearly fashion show in Paris.

“Making the Grade” (Channel 4 / Evans Woolfe - Dir. Rhonda Evans 6 Part Series)

A leading Head Mistress tries to implement Tony Blair’s New Labour Government Incentive for a Fresh start for schools in one of the worst areas in the country. It highlights the deeply ingrained social and economic problems the Government faces in order to change the state of education in this country.

“Life Etc” 8 Part Series BBC Manchester - Dir Belinda Cherrington

Rosie Boycott interviews various contributors about their lives, experiences and the stories they have to talk about a number of different issues.

“Really Bad Girls” – Carlton TV - Dir Sandra Oddy, Toni Williamson, Lisa Gilchrist

A 4-part series looking at High Class Prostitution, Kiss and Tell Girls, Mistresses and Porn Stars

“Property People” - BBC 2

Urban Spaces, a property seller and renting company goes behind the scenes and follows some of its talented young advisors in a niche market of warehouse properties across London in the new era of trendy loft living

“Heart of Harlesden” - BBC 8-part Series - Dir. Jackie Osie-Tutu

Fly on the wall about the black community in Harlesden.

“Commando” (LWT/ITV – Real life – Director David Wise)

How tough is it to get the Green Beret? A documentary following the recruits through the rigorous selection procedure.

“Mammies Boys” – Channel 4 - Dir. Bridget Dean

A documentary about the boys that just can’t leave home

Coaching” Border TV 8 Part Series.

Fly on the wall series about Redcrest Coaching Holidays, the punters and the reps in Costa del Sol Spain.





“In Search of Myths & Heroes” BBC - Maya Vision International – Director Sean Smith

Presenter, Book writer and Historian Michael Wood leads an amazing story discovering the lost world of Shangri La from the holy rivers in India, across the roof top of the world in Tibet to the hidden Limi valley of Nepal.

“The Ship” BBC History – Director - Chris Terrill

6 Part Series Adventure History documentary/Drama following the voyage of Captain Cooke on board the replica ship “The Endeavour” across 2500 nautical miles from Cairns Australia to Bali, Indonesia.

“The Regency” – BBC - dir Rachael Jardine

Lucy Worsely presents a historic look at the Regency Period taking a look at the glamour and liberation that the time in the 1600 leaving behind landmarks in Architecture, Arts and Styles.

“The Kings Speech” – CH4 / 1212 Productions dir david barrie

A one-hour documentary examining the real story behind King George VI`s struggle behind his stammer.

“Matisse” – Modern Masters / iwc BBC 4 – dir Mark Haliley

The BBC’s four-part modern art series looks at some of the most notable and influential artists of our time making the claim that Picasso, Dali, Matisse, and Warhol are Modern Masters. The third episode explores Henri Matisse whose bold experiments with colour continue to inspire designers working across graphics, fashion, and interiors

“Suchets Musical Heroes” – Mentorn Media DIRector Tom Chomondley

David Suchet, whose love affair with the Music Hall has shaped his personal and professional life, presents the documentary on Sid Field - a pioneer of both camp and sketch comedy. Suchet's Music Hall Hero sees David trace the history of Sid's life and career interviewing people who lived and worked with him

“Spitfire Ace” (RDF MEDIA - Director Nick Watts)

A documentary about the amazing stories from the remaining pilots of the battle of Britain, and a comparison of 4 young lads of the

type of training a pilot would face in a Tiger Moth and a Spitfire before facing the enemy in battle.

“Seven Ages of Britain” – Wildfire Television - Directors Polly Williams, Paul Sen

 A seven-part series presented by Bettany Hughes looking at history from ages before Christ and onwards, through the expert knowledge of various archologist.

“Britain BC” Diverse Ltd – Director Timothy Copestake

Presenter Dr. Francis Pryor looks at Britain before Christ from around various historic archaeological sites.

“Kings Soloman´s Tablet” BBC Horizon Director Sean Smith)

An inscription made in the time of Joash, son of King Soloman, lays claim to the first temple in Jerusalem. A piece of holy land at the

heart of Israel’s religious & political bloodshed that if proven to be authentic proves the site is the land of the Jews…. But is it fraudulent?

An in depth look at Antiquity fraud.

“The Secret World of Richard Nixon” BBC Invision Productions - Dir. Guy Evans)

A 2-part Reputations special looking at one of the 20th Century’s most controversial politicians.