Stu Bruce's Fixed Rig Shows credits

Multi Channel RF Radio Mic Hire & ManagementActing as a supplier to Minicams TV Sabsound is responsible for guaranteeing the RF Wireless microphone system for BAFTA winning Series "The Dog House" CH4 production allow...

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CH4 | FireCracker TV | Open House - "The Great British Sex Experiment"

This experimental hybrid Reality/Rig show produced by Firecracker Films required guaranteeing the RF coverage of a large country home estate covering several hectares. The 14 RF Zones enabled the Producers to be able to ...

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CH4 | RDF Television | Secret Life of 4,5 & 6 Year Olds

Groups of 4, 5 and 6 year olds from around the UK are brought together to learn and to play. Observed by educational psychologists and specialists, with cameras fitted all around the school, the children fight, make frie...

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"Open House" - The Great Sex Experiment - Complete Camera Company / Firecracker Films /CH4

In this bold new series couples spend time in a luxury country estate to test if opening up their relationship and having sex with other people will strengthen their bond.

"The Doghouse" - Series 1-4 - MiniCams TV / Five Mile Films / CH4

BAFTA winning series follows the stories of the Wood Green Animal Shelter team and the families they help as they look to rehome dogs to their new forever homes.

"Secret Lives of 4,5- & 6-Year Old" - Complete Camera Company / RDF / CH4

A very popular series follows the youngsters interact with each other showing the different characteristics of age and beautiful childlike innocence. Sabsound Provided the RF element of Rig.

"Spies" - The Complete Camera Company / Minnow / CH4

Recruits challenge themselves in a Reality / Challenge based Rig show with PSC elements to see if they have what it takes to be an MI5 agent. Sabsound supplied the RF coverage for a large-scale site and part of the sound Team.

"The Trial" - Complete Camera Company / Dragon Fly / CH4

A Docudrama reconstruction tries to show a realistic look at the British legal system following a trial using members of the public and professionals. Sabsound Provided the RF solution to the Rig Setup.

"Dr christian will see you now" - Complete camera company / Firecracker / ch4

Sabsound Provided the RF solution to the rig show seeing Dr Christian Jessen helping people in a private clinic with some unusual and often emotional problems to overcome with their bodies.

"Our School" - Complete Camera Company / TWOFOUR / CBBC

Documentary series following a group of students as they go from primary to secondary school. Sabsound was contracted to supply and install the wireless radio mic coverage across the school for the fixed rig element of the production.